Monday, August 3, 2009

Pink, Pink, and More Pink

Christina turned 5 on Sunday, and I told her I'd make whatever cake she wanted. This is what she requested (I ran out of pink supplies at one point, so there is a little bit of green involved too):

Chocolate cake with pink frosting, pink sprinkles, and pink candles.
Chocolate cake ball lollipops with pink frosting and pink sprinkles. you think she likes pink? Maybe just a little bit?

The first time I made these cake ball lollipops, they turned out great. I had a bit of trouble with the cake balls this time. I think it's because I overheated the candy melts--the coating was thick instead of thin, smooth, and shiny. I pushed through and finished the lollipops late Friday night (around 11PM), but I knew something wasn't right.
I emailed Bakerella, (I used her recipe for the cake balls) and she was so nice when she answered my questions. I am going to try and watch the temp on the candy melts better next time, and try the Kroger brand per her suggestions.
We had the cake balls Saturday night after we got back from the beach. Gabriel the little sneak decided to try and cut the cake himself Sunday afternoon.. Joshua stopped him just in time! He did make a small hole in the top of the cake with the knife (yes, he got a table knife out all by himself!), but I was able to repair the damage without anyone knowing the wiser. Whew!
The kids liked the cake ball lollipops so much, they didn't want any cake after Christina blew out the candles. It's in the kitchen, on the cake pedestal, untouched. Oh well! I can't blame them. The cake is just a boxed devil's food cake mix, with homemade buttercream frosting, tinted pink with Wilton concentrated gel food coloring, and these watermelon sprinkles David got for me at Kroger (after I ran out of straight pink).

David and I have eaten WAY too many of the cake ball lollipops ourselves. They are yummy and addictive ;-). If you make some...don't blame me if you have 3, 4, or even 5 in one were warned!

Here's Christina having one of the cake balls...of course, she would only eat the PINK ones.

Yum...I think she likes em! Don't you?

Try making these cake ball lollipops...they take some time...but they're not difficult, and they'll make you look like a dessert pro.

God bless your table tonight!

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