Friday, November 6, 2009

I've Had a Makeover!

I decided it was time for my cooking blog to get a makeover.  Thank you's galore to Shauna at  See My Designs by Shauna for the beautiful, custom design.  She is awesome, and created something I ABSOLUTELY LOVE. Thank you so much Shaua for all the hard work you did for me!

I feel like celebrating!  And what better way to celebrate than having my very first giveaway? 

I love Ree Drummond, aka The Pioneer Woman.  She just published her first cookbook, and when I saw it on Amazon, I squealed with excitement, and promptly asked (okay...I BEGGED) my hubby to order two copies, which he did because he adores me...thank you darlin'! 

This means there is one cookbook for me, and one lucky gal (or guy).  And let me tell ya, it's full of yummy recipes, guaranteed to make everyone at your dinner table happy.  I've made PW's Enchiladas, and oh my gracious...heaven on a plate people. 

Now, here's the best part...I can either send the winner the cookbook right away, OR you can wait until I go to the Pioneer Woman's book signing at Blue Willow Books here in Houston on Dec. 5th.  And...drum roll please...I'll get YOUR copy signed for you too!  How about that?!  Yes, you can squeal now :-)

So...if you want a chance to win the second copy, just leave me an answer in my comments section. 

Here's the question.  What's your favorite meal of all time you can actually cook? Only one entry per person please!

Deadline for your entry is Friday, November 13, at 3:00 PM Central Time, 'cause that's the zone I'm in folks.  The winner will be announced Saturday morning!

Have fun and good luck!


Kimberly said...

From Amy:

"Your site looks amazing! To answer your question....and it is hard to pick just one meal...but I have to say turkey dinner with all the fixins'. Luckily Thanksgiving is just around the corner! Keep up the good work mama!

Alexis D. said...

I just love chicken pot pie! Whenever I make it, I'll make an extra to store in the freezer. And it is one of those meals I take to friends after babies are born, and even the "i don't like pot pie'ers" love it! I can convert 'em!

Jennifer said...

Bigos (bee-goss). It's a Polish dish that requires some work in the prep, but when it cooks - it just simmers. The longer the leftovers sit in the fridge, the better it tastes. The website looks good. Oh and I'll meet you at Blue Willow, it's only 25 minutes from my house. :) Some of my friends will be there.

Susan said...

Hmmm..I really like Sunday food..Roast, mash potatoes,,

Lets be honest..I just like food..and like it cooked for me :)

your blog looks great..she did a great job.

dizzy said...

I make a tasty pork and apple chili which is saying a lot for a Jewish girl (but clearly not that religious :-).

And I love the Pioneer Woman blog! Am new to yours.

Ginkgo100 said...

Kim, we're not on Daylight Savings Time anymore!

I think my favorite meal (in part because I don't actually cook it very often, due to the fact that my hubby loathes it) is sauerkraut. My mom used to make it for us—even though we're not German. You just take some large-dice potatoes (I usually parboil them for better results), sliced smoked sausage, and sauerkraut, and simmer until the potatoes are fully cooked. You eat some because it's too good to resist, but put the rest in the fridge 'cause it's even better the next day. If you like, you can season it with a little aniseed or ground coriander. Some people like a little sugar added (but not me).

Now my mouth is watering!


Sarah said...

I'm new to your site... can't wait to look around! It looks oh so yummy!

My favorite meal that I can actually cook is maple-bacon roasted turkey (the turkey tastes great but the gravy is simply amazing!) with dried cranberry cornbread dressing, green bean casserole, and baked mashed potatoes (a recipe from a friend with butter, sour cream, cream cheese, garlic, and cheese... make ahead, freeze, and bake just in time for Thanksgiving dinner). It all goes great with a ginger-pumpkin cheesecake for dessert (thank you Cooking Light for that recipe!)


Tammy said...

Fried shrimp - hands down - has been my favorite since i was a little kid

Cherie said...

OK, I'll chime in. My favorite meal (I have sooo many, but considering the time of year...) is Thanksgiving dinner. We brine the turkey, make cider-glazed sweet potaotes (which are so good, and not your typical overly sweetened potatoes), molasses yeast rolls, mashed potatoes (sometimes we'll do twice baked), homemade cranberry sauce, etc. David is in charge of the stuffing. I try to do at least one new recipe every year. Last year it wasn't for the meal, but for breakfast, as Thanksgiving is an all day event! I made Harvest Pumpkin Bread from an old frontier days cookbook. It's a keeper! Love the new site Kimberly. I have no idea how you manage to take all those pictures. I'm a photographer, and can't be bothered to take pics of my food!

Suzie said...

I just recently found the Pioneer Woman Blog & have had fun reading. As for my favorite meal, that's really tough to narrow down: favorite Asian meal is Moo Shu Pork; favorite American is a good ole cheeseburger with fries; and favorite Mediterranean is a Greek Salad w/ feta cheese (and that's just for starters!). Desserts are definitely easier... my favorite dessert is Tiramisu.

Angela said...

I recently made Julia's beef bourguignon & it was AMAZING. My hubby & in-laws all said it was the best meal they ever had. Thanks Julia for making me look good LOL!

Laura said...

I would have to say Lasagna! I'm not a great cook at all but my lasagna gets rave reviews. Yay!

Hope I win, fingers crossed :)