Saturday, January 23, 2010

Slumber Party Fun

Our sweet Rebecca turns eight next week, and she decided to start celebrating early with a slumber party.  I told her long as the guest list was small, 'cause we all know little girls are very capable of chatting and giggling in the dark until the wee hours of morning.  Frankly, I do require a decent amount of sleep...six hours is minimal for me. 

So earlier this week, Rebecca and I planned out our menu.  She wanted to make:

I used store-bought pizza dough and sauce, and topped it with cheese, pepperoni, and one had pineapple and ham for the grownups. :-)  It went so fast, I didn't get any pics, sorry. 

Mini peanut butter kisss cookies

Little milkshakes in dixie cups

Oh, and a movie with popcorn later on.  All-rightly I told her...I can handle that. 

The mini dessert ideas came from an Amercian Girl cookbook she got for Christmas.  All I did for the cookies was make Bakerella's peanut butter cookie dough, rolled them into marble-sized balls, and top them with a single chocolate chip instead of a Hershey's kiss.  I fired up the blender and made the milkshakes, using plain white dixie cups and coffee stirrers for straws.  Everyone was full...and happy. 

Here's all the girls at the table (and Gabriel too) 

And here's my kitchen afterwards...but it was fun making a mess!

 The next morning, David made waffles, eggs, and sausage, but none of the girls ate any breakfast...but I had a yummy waffle with cinammon sugar and whipped cream...delightful! 

At any rate, the party was a success.  Rebecca was very, very happy, and that means Momma was happy too.

Excuse me while I (yawn) go take a nap!

God bless your table tonight!

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Blair said...

Looks like a super-fun party and the treats look delish! I also enjoyed your quesadilla recipe. We make them almost weekly, especially for lunch, but I've never heard of adding alfredo sauce...will have to try that! Tonight we were low on shredded cheese and sour cream, some cream cheese did the trick!