Monday, June 20, 2011

Baby, Oh Baby!

All righty.  I'm getting a little ahead of myself, and probably overly ambitious (no...really???), but I REALLY would like to start making some homemade baby food for Theresa.  Summer is in full swing here in southeast Texas, and all the fresh fruit and vegetables in the grocery store (especially the seasonal fruit) is inspiring me to try and make up some purees, freeze them in ice cube trays, and pull back out this fall when Theresa is old enough to start trying solids. 

I made homemade baby food for Joshua, my first-born because I was a really great mom (ha ha!) with too much time on my hands (obviously!).  I remember feeding him pureed strawberries, spinach, and carrots, and feeling such a sense of accomplishment.  Well, that didn't happen for the next 3 kids, because A), I had NO time on my hands, and B) there was no room in our one-fridge household for multiple bags of pureed foods. 

We now have a nice, big deep freezer, and if I can convince the hubby to STOP buying meat every time he goes to SAM'S (yeah right!), then I'll have plenty of room for storing bags of beautifully prepared baby food for our little girl. 

Wish me luck!

But, on a more serious note, does anyone have any baby food recipes they'd like to share?   How about doing a guest post?  I'm really open to suggestions.  I know I can do single foods, like sweet potatoes, peas, etc.  But what about combinations?  Like apples and pears?  You see them in the baby food aisle, but I've never tried making something like that at home.

So, if anyone wants to give it a go, PLEASE leave a comment below.  I would LOVE to hear from you!

Thanks friends, and God bless your table tonight!


Jenna said...

Sounds like a great idea, I don't have any recipes, I always just did single foods and then mixed them when I served.

Pumpkin said...

Your blog inspired me to research making my own baby food. I'm so excited about getting started. Here is where I have found some awesome recipes and tips! Thanks!

Pumpkin said...

Kimberly said...

That's the same site I used!