Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Modified Cooking Techniques

Since Hurricane Ike hit, we've been without power, (today is the 5th day) but still have phone, gas, and water. I drafted the recipe for the basil burgers and had it scheduled to post before the storm hit, because I knew we'd be in the dark for a while.
Since then, I've had to do some creative cooking. I made taco salad Monday night, and the kid have had s'mores twice now. I plan to make panini tonight with mozzarella, tomato, and basil, since I have a gas cook top and an indoor grill pan/griddle. Tomorrow night, the plan is to make pancakes and sausage (on the griddle). If anything is worth posting, I will try to do that once we have electricity. For now, I'll sign off because I'm running the laptop and modem off the generator, but will switch it to the washer and drying in a minute so I can do laundry.

Hope you are safe and sound!

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