Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My Kitchen Staff, Food Critics, and Cleaning Crew

Well, these all happen to be my FIVE fantastic kids! From left to right, we have:

Joshua (12), Christina (7), Theresa (6 months), Gabriel (4), and Rebecca (9)

Here's a picture of my handsome husband in a apron. Yes, men can wear aprons too! 

David will eat anything I make-- and I love him enough to cook for him as much as possible.

Admittedly, my two younger children don't have any real kitchen duties, but the older three set, clear, wipe, and sweep under the kitchen table nearly every night.  Everyone should have 5 kids. It means more help!

Now, I promise you I have normal kids. They all have their likes and dislikes. Joshua loves all the usual kid foods (pizza, chicken nuggets, french fries), and eats ketchup by the gallon (just like his Dad). He also likes most vegetables and fruits, thank goodness. Rebecca is the same way, only she has a more refined tongue. She likes broccoli, shrimp, sushi, and will try anything. We fight over leftovers, and she always asks for a bite of whatever I'm snacking on.
Christina is the child I try not to despair over. She eats 2 meals a day (breakfast and lunch), and we have to coax her to eat dinner nearly every night.  She is addicted to applesauce, and will not touch a single vegetable--green, yellow, orange, or any other color. Only recently has she decided to eat baby carrots and zucchini cakes...and only with ranch dressing.  See, I told you I have normal kids. Gabriel is our eating machine! He will eat anything I give him. He adores peas, blueberries, beans, rice, cheese, and grapes, and you can't open the freezer and take out the ice cream without him noticing. And then you'd better give him some, or he'll protest (loudly, I might add), until you give him his fair share :-).

Our little Theresa is eating some solids...all homemade baby food that I'm so proud of myself for making.  It has saved us money, and really doesn't take as much time as you think.  So far, our baby girl has eaten everything I've offered her on a spoon. :-)

Now, for the first recipe! I wanted to make one of our favorite dishes...
I'll make it today and post the recipe tonight or tomorrow.
God Bless your table tonight!

Update July 2011

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Mary said...

yeah Kimberly... your blog looks great! can't wait to try some new recipies... i hope i can find something for my finnicky eaters... thanks and good luck!!!