Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Invasion of the Baby Yellow Tomatoes

I realize I haven't posted in 2 weeks...I am sorry. It has been difficult to post recipes with swim team practice from 4:45 to 6:15 every night. Now that school is out, practice is in the mornings, so I hope I will be able to share more recipes with you all. But for today, I had to tell you about our "invasion."

David decided to try and grown baby yellow tomatoes this year. He bought just one plant home, left it in the pot for a few days, and then transplanted it into the garden. It was very small to begin with, but it has since grown to monstrous proportions.

See? It's literally a HUGE bush, and it's completely out of control. It's so heavy, the tomato cage is bent over, and we've had to tied it to the rack for the red grape tomatoes just to keep the plant stable. And yes...this is just ONE plant.

Today, the girls and I went outside to pick. I knew we would be a while, but I had no idea it would take me an hour to pick a million baby yellows, some roma tomatoes, and a few slicers. The girls gave out after about 40 minutes, so I had to finish up by myself. But Lord have mercy...check out what we harvested.

Did I mention we picked some green beans and yellow squash too?
I emailed an appeal out to the mom's group at my church, begging people to please come and save we'll see. Otherwise, I'll send the kids around the block with the veggies in a wagon, or David will have to take some to work to give away.
I haven't been able to utilize the baby yellows as much as I'd like, but I did throw together a great salad the other day. I cut about 2 cups of yellow tomatoes in half, and tossed them into a bowl, along with some salt, pepper, olive oil, fresh lime juice, leftover roasted corn cut from the cob, diced roma tomatoes, and some diced avocado. I served it with our chicken quesadillas for dinner, and it was really good :-). I also used them in a frittata, and I will get that posted today or tomorrow. There's always a bowlful on the kitchen table so Rebecca can grab some whenever she wants to.
It's hard to believe that in 5-7 days, we will have more tomatoes to pick...somebody save us!
God bless your table tonight!
P.S. Happy 100th post to me!!!

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Suzie said...

That is a bountiful harvest! Have fun trying to find uses for them. I'm just hoping to get my tomatoes in the ground this week. The ground is ready, at least.