Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Meal

I really can't make a big, fancy meal over the holidays, because then I end up in the kitchen during all the fun, and I don't to miss it.  Four kids running around looking for eggs, (and finding miscellaneous ones during the course of the day) is pretty entertaining. ;-) 

So without further adieu, here's what I'm making: 
 These are fantastic, took 'em to a potluck, and the ladies went nuts over them.

(for the kids, of course) 

Glazed Ham
I followed the directions on the package!

(easy and you can make it in advance)

Wheat Rolls
 (store-bought because I just didn't have time, otherwise, I would have made these)
I used Easter-themed cookie cutters and pastel sugar sprinkles
I usually make this cake, but we just finished David's 3-layer birthday cake, and we are caked out.  Be prepared, these are very messy, but our kids LOVED them, so it was worth the major cleanup afterwards.  I recommend eating them outside, not inside like we did. ;-)
(another request of David's) 

With all this food, plus a mountain of Easter candy, I think we're covered, and nobody should go hungry tomorrow. 

HAPPY EASTER, and God bless your table tonight!

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