Thursday, April 12, 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

Thanks to Amy from The Savvy Kitchen, I have received my very FIRST blogger award!

How cool is that? Seriously...I'm very honored...and humbled. :-)

The award works like this:
  • Thank the person who awarded you by linking back to their post
  • Pass the award along to 15 other new or newly discovered blogs
  • List 7 interesting things about yourself

So here are 7 things about myself I hope you find interesting

1.  I drive a minivan, but I really want a car with a clutch.  My first car had a stick-shift, and I LOVED it. 
2.  I have an identical twin sister.  Yes, identical.  But we're pretty different in terms of personality, decorating tastes, and style of clothes. 
3.  I hate painting my toenails, but can't really stand anyone else touching my feet.  I guess it's just a thing with me. So no professional pedicures for me either. 
4.  I'm half Asian, but my maiden name was "Cordero" which means lamb in Spanish.  That's because my grandpa is from Puerto Rico.  I know... :-) Ask me later!
5.  In June, we will celebrate our 14 wedding anniversary.  Wow. 
6.  I love those huge, crazy hair bows, and want to put them on my baby girl.  But every time I pick one up, I put it back.  It just looks too big on her little bitty self!
7.  I still have 10 pounds I really want to lose from my last pregnancy.'s a confession!

Here are the 10 blogs I am passing this award on to (I was supposed to do 15, but I honestly started to get a headache, and didn't want to risk getting a full-blown migraine).  

3.  Newlyweds

Enjoy checking out these other yummy blogs...I sure have!  


Suzie said...

Thank you, Kimberly!

TheSavvyKitchen said...

Congratulations!! :)

Kimberly said...

Thanks again Amy!