Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter Treats and Eats

Okay, I can't individually post every single thing I'm making for Easter, but here is the menu I'm working on. You can get all the recipes except for the salad just by clicking on each item:

Tossed Green Salad

Yes, I realize there are essentially 3 desserts...I promised the kids I'd make the cookies and cake, but I want apple pie. So there!

There are a few changes I want to mention. I'm roasting the green beans instead of steaming them. We've all really come to enjoy vegetables roasted in the oven...they have so much more flavor that way. The salad is simply lettuce, tomato, and cucumber. The cookies are the same as the cookies I made last Christmas with white frosting; I just used sparkling sugar in pastel colors to decorate them.

One last note. Please make some homemade chocolate frosting for the cake. I takes more time...but the canned stuff is just so sticky and it's harder to spread. Homemade frosting has a much better consistency, and it's not sickly sweet like the canned. me! And here...I'll even give you a recipe, just click below:

Now that's settled... ;-)

I hope you all have a blessed Easter, full of God's promise, joyful in Christ's love, and surrounded by family, friends, and good food!

God Bless your table tonight!


Alexis D. said...

looks great! Can I come to your house next year? I made the green beans - impressed the in-law's!

Kimberly said...

Sure Alexis, come on down!