Thursday, December 3, 2009

Holiday Giveaway!

We had a grand time over Thanksgiving with the family...ate plenty of yummy food, delicious desserts, and great conversation with everyone.  I'm now completely, hopelessly addicted to Dreyer's Slow Churned Pumpkin ice cream. 

I also broke my left pinkie finger...and hoping it doesn't get in the way of all the cookie baking I plan to do within the next few weeks.  I never though about it...but you do use your pinkie finger for quite a number of things.  I keep missing the "a" key while I'm typing here. 

But...not even a broken finger stopped me from stopping by one of my very favorite stores today.  I deliberately stay away from this place, otherwise...I might go a little hog wild.  You know...a little...crazy. 

Here's what I got.

Want an early Christmas present?  How about a snowman tea towel, rubber scraper, and snowman cookie cutter, all from Sur La Table?  I know...SO CUTE! 

Need a close-up?

The neat thing about the scraper is the rubber head can be pulled off the bamboo handle and tossed into the dishwasher. 

Who wants it? Anybody? 

Leave me a note in my comments section and tell me what your favorite holiday cookie recipe is.  Is it Grandma's gingerbread men?  Aunt Sally's shortbread?  Mine happens to be these awesome jam thumbprints from Ina Garten...really, really good y'all. 

Comments are welcome only from readers within the continental United States.  And one comment per person...I trust you all are "nice" and not "naughty"!  I'll be shipping this prize via 2-day priority mail, so you'll get it in just in time for your holiday baking. 

Deadline for comments is Thursday, December 10, at 6:00 PM, and the winner will be announced Friday morning.

Good luck!


Susan said...

my mama's chocolate crinkles..i can never get them as dark as hers..

Katie said...

My aunt Robbie's sugar cookies. But really, no one can recreate like she does, because I'm sure there is SOME secret she's not telling us.

Bev said...

In case you didn't see the comment I left on Blair's blog...
I think I saw you in Bridget's pictures from the Pioneer Woman book signing on her bakeat350 blog!

(You may not remember me, we met at the Fullness of Truth conference in SA this summer.)

...Oh, and I'd LOVE to win your giveaway! My favorite cookie recipe is from Bridget, of course! AND, not only does she have wonderful sugar cookies, she is so kind to give step-by-step decorating instructions too. She ranks right up there with The Pioneer Woman! :)

joann in tx said...

my favorite holiday cookies are Starlight Mint Surprises! mom always made a variety. the santa claus cookies came in a close second! :)

bridgets cowboy boot cookies really were the coolest! don't you think?

joann in tx.

rootsandrings said...

That is the cutest spatula I've ever seen!!

(I have a giveaway going on too - go check it out!)

rootsandrings said...

Oops! Here's my answer: Anything peanut butter and chocolate! Although I just made these shortbread cookies and they are AMAZING. I'm going to be making them as gifts.

Allison said...

All time favorite is my grandmother's chocolate crinkle cookies. I've tried making them, but it's never the same as eating them at her house.

Kimberly said...

Hmm...2 comments about chocolate you all have me thinking...this calls for some research!

Tammy said...

forgotten kisses - yum!

Blair said...

My current favorite cookies are Steven's Aunt Elaine's Sugar Cookies. They're just little round cookies with a yummy vanilla glaze :)