Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Cookies

During the holidays...I bake...cookies, cakes, quick breads...but I usually focus on one type of dessert, instead of making something from each catagory.  This year is the cookie year.  I made 6 different kinds...and I've had to put severe restrictions on the hubby so he doesn't eat 'em all up before Christmas.

The best thing about cookies is the fact you can bake them in advance and freeze them.  My MIL is famous for making 12-14 different kinds of cookies every year when David was growing up.  She'd always store them in the freezer...which didn't deter David or his brothers one bit...they'd just go get some and eat them frozen. 

I will say I don't like eating frozen cookies...but I do like to ,make and freeze them in early December.  Then I just pull out some whenever I need them...for a potluck party...a last minute gift (packaged up in a pretty bag), or just a plate out when the neighbor's kids show up (and when word gets out...count on MORE kids coming around hoping for a cookie too).'s what I made this year.  If you want the recipe, just click on each one. 

 (I absentmindedly used it instead of the gingerbread recipe, but the kids still love 'em). 

(special request from David, but no picture...sorry)

Hope you get to try one of these tasty treats.  From our family to yours...Merry Christmas everyone!

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joann in tx said...

kim all your cookies look delicious!
i'm sure they are disappearing frozen or not! :)