Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Pioneer Woman Herself!

Driving to and from Georgia's Market on I-10...1.5 hours.

Waiting for The Pioneer Woman to arrive for her book signing... another 1.5 hours. 

Standing in line to get 2 cookbooks signed...2.5 more hours. 

Meeting Ree Drummond in person, getting a picture with her, and telling her how much we loved her red velvet cake and brisket...PRICELESS.

Yes...I spend a total of 5.5 hours today to get 2 copies of The Pioneer Woman Cooks signed. And it was totally worth it. 

I met some really lovely ladies during those long hours.  Briget from Bake at 350, Laurel from Go Against the Grain, Joann, and I exchanged websites, smiles, and great conversation.  Joann was so kind to keep standing up to give me room every time I had to leave, and we all became fast friends :-)

Left to right: Laurel, Joann, and Bridget

When Ree was finally announced and came was a bit sureal.  I went a tad crazy snapping pictures along with hundreds of other people

During the Q & A, someone asked if Marlboro Man (aka Ree Drummond's husband) wore boxers or briefs.  After the roar of laughter finally died down, Ree said, "Um...boxers...and I'm sorry honey!"

Ree was as nice in person as she is on her blog, and just as funny.  I told her how I'd cooked a 9 pound brisket using her recipe for our block party and she said, "Was it tender and just falling apart?"  I said yes; she laughed....and added, "That sounds really good right now, does anyone have any brisket here?" 

And here's little 'ole me...with The Pioneer Woman herself! 

It was a long day, but I owe the biggest thanks to my wonderful, amazing, loving, patient, awesome husband, who had our four chittlins nearly all day.  Not only did he watch them, he fed them lunch, gave everyone baths, emptied the dishwasher, reloaded it, put up more Christmas lights outside, and patched a hole in the drywall of  the foyer, b/c he knew it bothered me.  Thank you honey, I love you.....mmmuaww!

Now that I've come back down to earth...I'm gonna go get me another cupcake ;-).  And yes, I'll post the recipe very soon!


Jenna said...

How fun, I was there also. She was so gracious in person it was really great to meet her. My hubs also watched my two boys, way to go hubby!!

joann in tx said...

kimberly ~ it was really nice meeting you, Bridget and Laurel! that is a great picture of you w/Ree!
what a fun time we all had!

i told all my friends how i spent my saturday and now they want to know how many of PW's recipes i've tried? YIKES!!!! me? cook! hahahaha.......

joann in tx

rootsandrings said...

I'm just clicking around in comments, checking out all the Houston bloggers! I wish I would have met more bloggers while I was there!! Man! Maybe for her next book tour!

bridget {bake at 350} said...

It WAS so fun, wasn't it? So glad to meet you!