Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Salt Lake City Eats

David and I went to Utah over the 4th of July week.  We stayed at Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort, and had an awesome time.  We had a condo with a full kitchen, queen-sized bed, and a 2-person hot tub on the balcony...perfect after a long day of alpine activities and walking around Salt Lake City. 

But what I really wanted to share with you in this post is all the tasty food we ate.  I mean...that's the most important thing when you go on vacation, right? ;-)

First stop...Blue Plate Diner.  David just googled for places on Yelp, and this where we ended up. 
I had the Eggs Benedict with Salmon (he had a burrito with a green pork chili sauce).  

I thought it was pretty good...the salmon was fresh, and the hollandaise sauce was light and lemony...not heavy at all.  I did think the onions could have cooked longer...they were practically raw. 

A day later, we had dinner at Red Rock Brewing Company.  David had the BBQ Chicken Pizza (which he said was good, but the chicken could have had more flavor), and I had the Sweet Potato Cannelloni.  It was amazing...and very rich.  Good thing I behaved myself and had a big salad first (and only ate 2/3rd of my entree).  I honestly don't think I could have had more).  

Thursday night found ourselves at a popular Mexican joint...The Red Iguana.  They're famous for their moles...I think 8 different kinds?  I had the Mole Negro with Chicken, and David ordered the Seafood Fajitas.  Both plates were SO GOOD.  Trust me...we're from Texas..  We know good Mexican food.  

The only thing amiss at this place was David's margarita.  I had a mango margarita...and it was just fine.  But David's first one tasted like water, and the second one, although better, was sour and limey...not bright and sweet, with an aftertaste of tequila.  Maybe it's hard to get good liquor in Mormon town?  Oh well.  

Our last night on vacation, we decided to splurge a little, and I was craving sushi.  I needed some healthy fresh food!  So David consulted Yelp again (lol), and we walked into Takashi...supposedly the "best" sushi restaurant in Salt Lake City. 

Well...some may have a difference of option, but the food at Takashi was superb.   This was definitely my favorite meal from the whole week.  They fly in fresh fish nearly every day...and it shows.  My sashimi plate was stellar...the fish tasted firm and sweet, the miso soup was hot and savory...and I devoured the green papaya salad so fast...David only got 2 bites.  I guess I was hungrier than I thought (sorry my love!).  ;-)

Here's the sushi we had...yellowfin tuna with scallions.  YUM.  

I didn't get a pic of the sashimi's one I'm borrowing from Yelp.  I know...some people aren't sure about raw fish.  But you have to believe me...if it's quality fish, and really might change your mind.  I had tuna, salmon, octopus, and 2 others I can't recall at the moment.  I loved it all!

I didn't get a picture of my green papaya salad...but I made it once we got back home!  I had to go to the Hong Kong Market to buy the fruit, but it was worth the trip.  Bright, fresh, and healthy...perfect for noshing on during the hot summer days. 

Here's a pic (courtesy of Yelp again) for now...
We did a lot more than just eating around town...which you can read about here.  But I would love to go back some day.  The kids would have a blast at the ski resort...summer or winter time.  While they might not appreciate all the food we had, I'm sure we could make some modifications for eateries, lol.  

Anyways...that's my food tour of Salt Lake City for ya! 

God bless your table tonight!

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