Thursday, March 19, 2009

Apple Dippin' Peanut Butter Cookies from "Picky Palate"

Last week was Spring Break for us, and I promised Rebecca we'd make something fun. I saw these cookies on "Picky Palate," and showed Rebecca--who immediately approved of the idea. So off we went to the grocery store to buy the necessary ingredients. We had everything except the sugar and the granola clusters--I found some in the bulk food aisle at HEB.

If you don't want to use turbinado sugar, granulated or white sparkling sugar will work fine. We loved these cookies...if your kids like apples and peanut butter, they will gobble these up in no time flat :-) I'm pretty sure David ate more than the kids...those darn husbands!
I'm going to give you the link to the cookies, just click here on "Picky Palate." Both my girls helped me with these cookies, so I got some cute pics; of course I just had to share them with y'all.

Here's Rebecca peeling the apples. She did a good job, let me tell you.

We used an apple corer/slicer to cut the apples (Rebecca did this too). Then we cut the slices in half, (to make thinner slices), and cut them into small dice.

Here's the granola we found at HEB:

Time to fire up the mixer. I usually let Rebecca man it.

Creaming the butter and sugars together.

In goes the peanut butter...

then the vanilla and egg.

The girls stirred all the dry ingredients together. I make sure one stirs and one holds the bowl with BOTH hands; otherwise your bowl and everything in it may wind up on the floor.

Put your rolling sugar in a shallow dish (I like to use a pie tin). Use a small ice cream scoop to scoop out the dough...

roll the balls in the sugar...which the girls both liked doing until the neighbor boy showed up to play ;-)...

Lay them out on a cookie sheet, and make a criss cross on top of 'em with a fork.

Bake the cookies at 350 degrees for 8-9 minutes. I had to bake mine for about 10 minutes, otherwise, they were too soft.

My kids ate these so fast, I didn't even get a picture. They were also outside at the time...that didn't help either....oh well!

God Bless your table tonight!

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