Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sweets for your Sweets

David and I aren't much for going out, so when we do, it's nice to eat kids fighting, food flying, milk spilling adventures, all while we're trying to eat.  All of you with chittlins' know what I'm talking about!

Last year for Valentine's Day, I made these incredible burgers, homemade steak fries, and a peanut butter chocolate cake.  It was divine y'all...simply divine. 

This year, we got lucky.  One of David's clients gave us a gift card for Christmas, and friends of ours voluteered to babysit (provided I cooked them dinner for them beforehand).  Well I can handle that!

So I really don't have a big, lovey post for Valentine's Day...but I will make some suggestions if you want to make dinner for your special someone. 

Chocolate Cherry Cake with Chocolate Glaze

The Pioneer's Red Velvet Cake (turned into cupcakes)

Last but not least, I made these for the kids this week:

I just used my sugar cookie recipe, frosted, and decorated with red and white sprinkles.  Simple but pretty. 

Hope you enjoy a special meal with someone you love.  God bless your table tonight!

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